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Fire Prevention Division


The Fire Prevention Division of look there online us viagra the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD) is staffed with four full time Fire Inspectors and buy generic viagra australia types supplemented with other CJCFPD employees on an as needed basis for events and projects. The division is responsible for program development and oversite of components of fire prevention which are: new commercial construction inspections for commercial properties in Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lake Tapawingo, and some areas of unincorporated Jackson County, life safety plan reviews on new commercial projects for the above listed areas, fire investigations, oversight of fire inspections of all commercial properties within district boundaries, and public education in fire / life safety topics.

Fire Prevention Programs:

prevention2.jpg Public education coordination and delivery is the largest component of the division. Programs include “Safety Awareness and Fire Education (SAFE)” in which each station crew adopts a fourth grade class in the district and periodically delivers lessons on fire and life safety. Other options offered are tours of the fire stations and www.sccnps.org on-site demonstrations, presentations for adult groups, and large events like the buy generic viagra canada Fall Fun Festival and Grain Valley Fair Days. In 2010 all members of CJCFPD combined to conduct more than 140 specific public education  / community relations events, interacting with more than 7,000 children and 3,000 adults. Included in this are numbers from the “Docu Drama”,  a demonstration done for junior and senior high school students prior to prom night in which a fatality accident is staged and responded to as if it were a real accident. This is done to illustrate the consequences of poor decision making.

The fire and life safety inspections of all businesses, churches, and schools are the second largest responsibility and are done on an different rotations, with target hazards–those with an identified high fire hazard or large occupant safety concern–inspected every year. In 2010, approximately 800 businesses, schools, and churches were inspected by members of the division and station crews. Violations to fire and life safety concerns are noted and recipes viagra levitra cialis the owner is required to make corrections necessary to comply with applicable fire codes.

If you are interested in learning more about fire safety and prevention, our public education programs, or want to schedule a station tour, you may contact CJCFPD Fire Prevention at (816) 229-2522alt or email us here .

Division Components:
Public Education
Fire Inspections
Building Construction Inspections
Fire Investigations

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Fire Prevention Staff:

Assistant Chief / Fire Marshal:
Eddie Saffell - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jim Vandrell  - Click Here

Derrick Llewellyn - Click Here
Danny Jackson -  Click Here