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Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJC), through a grant issued by FEMA and obtained by the Heart of America Fire Chiefs Association, will start offering free smoke detectors, some with components for hearing impaired to residents of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lake Tapewingo, and unincorporated Jackson County within CJC’s coverage area. The smoke detectors will be available at CJC Fire Station # 3, 805 NE Jefferson, Blue Springs, MO. through the Fire Prevention Division.

The detectors will be provided and http://seterbygda.no/antibiotic-drug-information installed by CJC to ensure installation to manufacturer’s requirements. To request a detector call the Central Jackson County Fire Prevention Division at (816)229-2522. An appointment will be made at that time for installation.

For additional information, call the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District at (816)229-2522 or visit us on Facebook.


The majority of fatal fires occur when people are sleeping, when most of best the human senses are inactive. Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke may not wake you and, along with poisonous gases, can compromize your senses. Therefore household smoke detectors sound an alarm to wake you up during a fire. By sounding an early warning, smoke detectors drastically cut your risk of injury or death in a home fire. Smoke detectors have been proven to save lives to the money order viagra click here extent that they are required in all newer homes in nearly all communities. You should also know that 80 percent of all residential fire deaths take place in homes not equipped with working smoke detectors, creating a need for maintenance and a routine testing schedule to insure proper operation.


There are two types of smoke detectors. The photoelectric detector reactes faster to a smoldering type of fire and will be less sensitive to cooking. The Ionization detector will react faster in an open flame fire and can be less expensive.

Either detector will provide needed protection for you and your family and can be use without concern.


  • In every sleeping area
  • Outside of sleeping areas
  • One on each level, including the basement

In most communities, the building codes require that smoke detectors be electric with a battery back up and wired so that when one sounds, they all sound.

An older home cannot be properly retrofitted without contacting an electrician.

Generally, wall units should be mounted so the top of http://www.profshop.be/overnight-levitra the detector is 4-12” below the ceiling, or according to manufactures instructions. A ceiling mounted detector should be 12” away from the closest wall.


  • Do not take out your smoke detector’s batteries to run another item.
  • Test your smoke detector monthly and replace the old batteries twice a year with new ones. An easy schedule to remember is “change your clock, change your batteries" with daylight savings time.
  • Periodically vacuum your detector while you leave the cover in place, to remove dust and cialis in uk online only best offers debris.
  • Always follow manufactures guidelines for use and maintenance.
  • If your smoke detector is older than ten years it should be replaced.


It is the buy cheap deal online viagra viagra options goal of CJC that every constituent of our response area have a working smoke detector in their home. CJCFPD demonstrates this commitment by providing at least one smoke detector to anyone who cannot afford one. The resident is responsible for keeping the smoke detector in a working state. Also if a person is physically unable to change a battery or mount the smoke detector, CJC personnel will do it for you.

If you or someone you know lives within our District and does not have a working smoke detector, contact CJC Fire Prevention Division at (816) 229-2522, or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it