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Explorer Post 599

CJCFPD proudly sponsers a firefighting Explorer Post in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America. Explorer Post 599 meets at CJC Fire Station No. Blue Springs, rotating meeting nights between every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, explains, ??? the B Shift captain of Ladder Company No. 1. ?? gives lessons to the Explorers on various firefighting topics, including hose, ropes, ladders, self contained breathing apparatus, and more.

Explorers can join the program at the age of 14. After a probationary training period, and at a minimum age of 16, Explorers are allowed to ride out with fire companies and where to viagra uk delivery attend calls. Be assured that at no time will the purchase generic levitra online Explorers be put in a dangerous situation; there are strict guidlines as to what an Explorer can and cannot do on cialis 6 free samples calls. Some of only best offers hydrochlorothiazide levitra the fire apparatus do not have fully enclosed cabs, and for safety reasons, Explorers cannot ride on those companies. However, as the Fire District is in the process of replacing all of the older apparatus with fully enclosed apparatus, this will not be an issue in the future.

For more information about joining CJC Explorer Post 599, contact Fire District Headquarters at (816)229-2522. Someone will contact you about your inquiry.