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Fire Chief Steven P. Westermann


     Welcome to the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District's web site. We invite you to click your way through our site to learn more about the multitude of services provided by a group of very dedicated men and levitra and canada custom women. While CJC is proud of the canadian viagra for sale level of competency and the wide variety of we recommend best viagra online sales emergency services that we provide, we firmly believe in the prevention of accidents, whether fire or medical. We have a very active public education program that tries to cialis on-line more preach, and practice, the prevention aspect from preschool to senior citizen. We have an extremely active emergency medical training program that we provide for EMS providers and people who want to break into this public service field as a possible career.

      I hope you enjoy your tour of our organization. We invite any comments or questions and if you would like to take an actual tour of our facilities, please give us a call. We are here to serve you, and from all of us, it is our pleasure to do http://www.controlsys.org/viagra-best-price-on-net so.