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Spring Storms Awareness

Central Jackson County Fire Protection District wants to remind its citizens to take the necessary precautions during an event where severe weather may impact your location. In the spring months, Missourians have seen the devastation that severe weather can do viagra online 50 mgs to our neighborhoods, as well as other cities in the Mid-Western portion of the United States. 

CJCFPD asks that you participate in a tornado drill either at your place of employment, school, and your home; it should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Once you hear the generic cialis online pharmacy wow look it broadcast drill message or outdoor warning sirens, you should practice performing the drill. The safest shelter location is an interior room without windows in the lowest level of improved online prescription for levitra us a building. Other safe locations for businesses and generic viagra made in india schools include hallways, underneath staircases and designated tornado safe rooms. The drill is complete once everyone is accounted for in the designated shelters.

Thanks to cialis generica our friends at the Missouri Department of Public Safety, State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) has produced three short videos that will show you how to protect yourself at school, in a home, and in a mobile home during the threat of severe weather or a tornado.

Please click on the images below to watch these YouTube videos.

MO SEMA Home VideoMO SEMA School VideoMO SEMA Mobile Home Video